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The Hazard Perception Test (HPT)

You will take the Hazard Perception Test at the same time as your Theory Test - the test follows after the Multiple Choice Questions part of the test. Before the test you will see a video about how it works.

DriverActive does not include HPT practise clips... But we recommend the DTS app - Click Here

Before applying for your practical driving test you must pass the Theory & HPT Test.

The best way to prepare for the Theory Test is to follow the full DriverActive Course and use the DTS app to help you to learn the rules in the Highway Code and other stuff.

Your driving instructor will give specific help and advice about theory test preparation and booking plus information about any extra study material that might be useful.

Info about the Theory part of the test here.

Practise 3 free HPT clips at the Government Safe Driving For Life website here.

HPT Info...

The Hazard Perception Test has a selection of video clips, showing road scenes and potential hazards.

If you fail the Hazard Perception Test you fail the whole test and you will have to take the complete test again, including the multiple-choice questions..

It's been estimated that with around three hours training, new drivers can achieve scores equal to those of experienced drivers.

Your driving instructor will advise you about the best way to prepare for the HPT using DVD's or apps such as the best selling app, DTS. Most instructors will have discs that you can borrow, rent or buy. If not there are several available in shops and online.

The HPT used to use film clips but new computer-generated imagery (CGI) clips replaced old filmed clips a few years ago (on 12 January 2015). However, you should still practise with old film clips in addition to CGI clips - this will give you a 'real life' sense of spotting hazards.

The new CGI clips show the same situations as the old film clips, but they:

  • look clearer on the screen

  • include updated vehicles, roads and surroundings so they look modern

Another good reason for using older film style clips is that the DVSA only release a limited number of CGI practise clips. Practise with older film clips will give you a wider experience than you will get from the official CGI practise clips alone - increasing your chances of a pass.