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Course Introduction

Choosing an instructor, learning with friends, how many lessons you need, legal stuff and more.

The Cockpit Drill

Every time you get into a car you will need to make some basic safety checks.

The Controls

This lesson explains what all the controls, lights, dials and switches are for and how to operate them.

Moving off

The routines and checks you need to make to move off safely and drive in a straight line.

Stopping the car

There's more to stopping the car than slamming on the brakes - this lesson explains all you need to know.

Gears , Auto & Electric Cars

This lesson explains gear changing in a manual car, the shift lever in auto and the drive control in EVs.


Steering is easy, when you know how. This lesson explains the secret of accurate steering control.

Some new skills

After learning the basics you need practise on quiet roads. While you are there you can learn some new skills.

The Emergency Stop

Learning to do this exercise early on will give you the confidence to know you can stop safely if problems arise.