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Offer more than your competitors!

DriverActive can help you maintain and increase your business and to give a great value bonus to your customers - and it needn't cost you a single penny!

Giving DriverActive to your customers will help them to learn better. It can also boost your marketing and referral business!

Get DriverActive Access FREE for all of your customers...

You can get unlimited free access coupons for your customers and prospective customers with ADI MasterClass Gold Membership.

Membership also includes:

  • Free DriverActive Visual Aids & Handouts - include QR codes for easy access to DriverActive subjects (Typical face value for the average instructor, £175.55)

  • Free coaching diagrams (Worth £14.99)

  • ADI Profit Buster (Worth £99.99)

  • A weekly newsletter with training and business advice

  • A Weekly Magazine page with curated news and information (plus additional CPD)

  • 50% discount on the best selling, Standards Check Success video programme (Worth £25)

  • Access to online resources and CPD archive

  • 50% discount on ADINJC Membership (worth £24) and access to PI PPL insurance.

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If you sell the DriverActive customer coupons (included with ADI MasterClass Gold) for just 99p - that's a whopping 75% off the regular price for learners - you will more than cover the cost of your annual membership. But most instructors find the most significant value comes from giving DriverActive as a freebie.

MasterClass includes full information about how best to use DriverActive for training and marketing.